1.Visualize the Invisible: Giacometti Exhibition in Guggenheim

This week I went to Guggenheim Museum to appreciate the Exhibition form Giacometti.

Spacial Consideration in his Art Pieces


This is the sculpture created by Giacometti for Chase Manhattan Plaza, New York. It shows 3 major figures: a gigantic standing female figure, a large walking man, and a monumental head. Based on the consideration of how to arrange them properly in the plaza, he spent about 10 years to think about what is the most emblematic works to him. Finally, he decided to use a single standing women in the plaza, because he thought it was the most effective monument of the plaza.637651806020037817.jpgHe was playing around the distance and perspective in his artworks, making these pieces so charming. It may bring you different feelings when you appreciate them in different angels or different distances.Giacometti also used the space to create environments and meanings for these art works.536493756302705156.jpg                  386030339911201668.jpg

Form and Inner Soul

161534637524935593.jpgThe technique Giacometti used for sculpting is just the form of the art. The dynamic figures, the bronze surface texture and the dull hue all represent the inner soul of Giacometti’s artworks.  Inspired by the history and the culture background of World War II, he used these sculpture and paintings to represent his view to that time. Giacometti also pursued the investigation of language and dreams promoted by the Surrealists, which influences his style a lot.622208396573632484.jpg

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