2.Hunger Marketing?

September 13th, it’s the day the fashion brand supreme relase its new collection. A lot of people want to get the design pieces for this season, so am I,  because it is the joint design season of Supreme and Comme des Garçons. Actually not every custmer can get the glad design pieces from Supreme, because new ones usually sold out in seconds when they are released. If custmers want to get new design pieces from Supreme, they have to follow a l lot of rules, such as lottery rule, and then may have a chance to buy the design piece.  If people didn’t get the pieces in Supreme, they can bid or buy them on secondary market, but the price will be much more expensive then the original price.  I feel like the marketing strategy Supreme used is the hunger marketing.

According to the definition of hunger marketing, “it is a marketing strategy focusing on the emotions of human beings. Hunger marketing is a psychological strategy that focuses on the desire of consumers, making them hungry thus having strong desire to buy products which other people also want to buy. By stimulating psychology, it drives people into emotional rather than rational decision making by means of driving up the scarcity of the product. This marketing strategy boosts people’s interest, and through word-of-mouth helps businesses have more potential customers.”

199106049461501642.jpgSupreme Store in SOHO, New York

There are a bunch of techniques Supreme used in its marketing. I believe one of the typical technique is time limit. Time limit has huge impact on consumption because It is one of the direct stimuli to consumers. By limiting the time and amount  of offering Supreme’s products, the brand makes consumers have feeling like “I am allowed to buy this product only this time!”

However, some people hold different opinian of Supreme’s business model. They believe that Supreme is designed for Supreme players who are really interesed in street culture and street fashion. Even New York Times says “No offense, but if you don’t know about Supreme, maybe it’s because you’re not supposed to.” In fact, Supreme’s core creative and business philosophies are the sum of designer’s patchwork retail past.

What do you think? Do you also want to get one of the unique piece of Supreme?

supreme.PNGClothing Design Pattern of Supreme x Comme des Garçons

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