Response to Classmates’ Inventory Video


The video is simple and clear, and I like the way how you use these 3 stuff to tell their own stories. You focuses on these 3 things’ functions and how do these things work for you. Moreover, I really like the song you used in the video, it meakes me feel relaxed.


I really like the “Ancient” Video from 20 years ago. One of the imortant thing can represent us is our memory, and this video really shows precious childhood memory of you, and it also shows how your family love u. I like the low resolution of the video, because it tells the old times.


The video is really interesting! For the first video “Workouts Fresh my Brain”, it is made by many small window playing the same workouts scene. When these windows played together, I can feel how hard you worked, and it’s really creative and special. The other two video used the first perspective to show the food you like and the fun you are looking for, impressed me  a lot.

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