Writing Response 1

1.Sketching: the Visual Thinking Power Tool

Mike Rohde emphasized some important functions and meanings of sketching, and stated that sketching is a useful tool for visual thinking power tool. I totoally agree with his point, because I am a sketch lover, and I am benefited from it a lot. As he said, sketching in many times is not for “sketching” itself , it just a way or a tool to help me to visualize my thinking process  or collect design concepts. I studied landscape architecture previously, we would try a bunch of ideas at the same time, sketching is a good way to help us and it really quick way to pick up ideas. Moreover, alternatives usually can be found in the sketching process. It doesn’t matter the thing I sketch is good or not, but can help me alot for my final decision.

2. The Miseducation of the Doodle

To me I really agree with that Doodle can get breakthrough thinking on an old problem. In our real life, we already used to rely on text and auditory conversations to solve a problem. However, doodle, a simple and visual language can clean up a work flow and represent the most unique and important part for a problem. By doodling something we can clearly work on its process, and than may find some creative  solutions for the problems we used to think.

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