Writing Response 2

#Steal Like an Artist

Art is “theft”. It is really interesting point to show the condition happend in our art world. Whatever in paiting, poetry, writing, sculpture, or new media design. Using for reference is actually become an important technique in the creative process. Like Elot said “…good poets make it be something better.” Not only in poetry area, when we looked through the art history, a lot of creative and greate art works were created by standing on the shoulders of giants.

I agree with the argument “a new idea is a mashup or remix of one or more previous ideas”. What is original? It sometimes doesn’t matter you take something from others, but it do matter that you already inject something new or change something in the previous work. When one art is  transformed to another one, the new stuff is created. A lot of new art design/ idea today, such as vintage style, collage painting, pop-art, create significant artistic merit in today’s art world, but they all standed on previous artistic achievement.

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