3.Interesting Interfaces

There are a lot of interfaces in our life, this week I discovered some interesting interfaces.

Halo Wars 2

It is the interface design work for Halo Wars 2, a series game, created by game studios Creative Assembly and 343 Industries.

The Design Director Bradley G Munkowitz and Creative Director Norn Jordan designed the holographic elements and fictional user interfaces, as well as environmental concepts, later executed to be featured throughout the story line of the game.

Overview of the UNSC (United Nations Space Command) holotable showing most of the UI windows active as well as the center holographic element.


The design includes some important holographic system, such as astro nav system, audio transmission signal, and the main layout of holographic table used by the human characters in the game, which contains a lot of information and windows .These user interfaces are really important for customers to contact with the fictional characters, environments, and equipment functions in the game.图片1.png



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