Response to Everything is Remix

Everything is a Remix is an interesting and thought-provoking vedio. The vedio is composed of 4 parts: 1) Songs; 2) Movies; 3)inventions; 4) legal structure related to copyright and patent.

At the first 3 parts, he provided the statement that every creative thing is actually a remix of previous stuff. And the basic elements of creativity is “Copy”, “Transform”, and “Combine”.

In the songs part, the author showed a lot of examples about music remixing, such as hippop music today and Led Zeppelin’s music pieces. During this part, we can see how new art pieces be created and improved based upon copying other previous porducts, and the boundary of legal remiixing and plagiarism is blurry and really depends on each song. The film part is really attractive, because like the author said, may be film contains a lot of elements, and copying is a common phenomenon in movies. I agree with the statement that transforming old into new is actually a work needed talent. Hollywood do did a good job on this. Actually, a lot of movies topics based on books, toys, music dramas, and some advertisings, and same Genre also canbe devided into different subgenres. The important thing here is how people use their wisdom and creativity to combine previous fragmentary pieces, and then transform them into new ideas. Even if a movie referenced some previous movies’ element, such as Star Wars, when the new one is injected into new bloods, everthing is different. On the third part, the author talked about other inventions famillared by the public, and most of inventions were created based on historical research as well. Like Isaac Newton said: “If I have seen furtber it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” When we look back to our natural world, the cellula is also following the loop of copying, transforming, and combineing. That’s how creativity works.

At the end of the video, the author provided his worry about the restrictive legal structure in today’s society. The nature of the legal structure, such as copyright law or patent law is to protect the creator and creative ideas. However, the Blanket Copyright Laws can be a Double Edged Sword. The restruction also limid the public the use researches, and may restraint some new ideas. Disney’s Mickey Mouse example is a good example to show how creator use the copyright law to protect his personal interests. That’s an issue we need to think about deeply.


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