4.Thinking of Networked Life

This week I read some articles out networked life, and how this influence our life. The vedio above is really interesting. It’s true in some level, and shows how we life in a Insta lie.

This is a mind map basically show my networked life. The true thing is that the networked world occupy quite a much time in my social life. Social network software such as WeChat, WEIBO, and Instagram become main approaches for me to contact with people, comment to something, and share my daily life. The Phone and the computer become indispensable tool in my daily life.

图片1One of interesting story I want to share is that one day my friends and I went to a really popular and expensive Japanese restaurant. We waited for a long time to get the seat, and we all felt really hungry. Finally when we got the food, the first reaction of us is to take photos of each dishes of food one by one. After done this “ceremony”, done our posting on Instgarm, then we started our meal. The interesting thing here is maybe in some way, without photograph these food, the meal lost some meaning. Camera or Social media usually “eat” firstly, and then we eat. So, we play the networked technology or the technology “plays” us becomes an interesting question.

Obviously, networked connection enclose our social communication by sharing, commenting, gossiping, and so on. However, sometimes addicting to networked life, we lost ourselves in real life and change the original intention of networked social media.

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