An Index of Parvez

Parvex’s site


After the intervew, I decided to create an index of book to show Parvex’s life.


Character: Parvez

1.Where are you came from, and what’s your background: I came from Bangalore, India. My Bachelor Degree is Visual communication in University of Madras, Indea.

2. Do you like the life in NYC:

Yes, it’s a very busy city, but it’s the place he want to live. When I first time visit the New York, I spent 1 week here, love everything here, the food, views, people, subway, musesms, history, culture… Second time I came here is to  participate a workshop held by NYC media lab, and at that time I start to consider getting Master Degree of ITP or IDM in NYU.

3.What is Your Hobby: I am prettt busy, but I will say reading. Reading makes me feel relax, and never getting bored. I have a lot boos in my kindle, and I usually get different inspirations from these books.

4. What’s your favoriate artist: Jonathan Ivy, Chief designer, Apple

5.Is there any experience really impressed you and influenced you: My previous job, I worked as a Senior Interactive Developer for 3 years. During the work, I learnt a lot, and I leart how to communicate with a lot of team members to get team works done. Also it influenced me to decided my Master’s direction.

6.What’s the most important thing you think in your daily life: planning and organize. Use time.

7.Your Personal Inventory includes two books:

  1. Creativity Inc book
  2. Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World

It seems like you really like reading? What’s the most benefit you get from reading ? will you feel bored?

Yes, Reading makes me feel relax, and never getting bored. I have a lot boos in my kindle, and I usually get  a lot of information and inspiration, new ideas in the reading process, and I love reading different kinds of books, that’s interesting.

8. Are you a planned person that really works on schedule?

Yes, I love planning, but not for every day, it’s for some important plan or goals.

9. Describe yourself in 3 words:

Passionate. Resilient, Hard-Working.



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