Reading Response: The Five Obstructions

The film is created by Lars von Trier. Different to other film, it’s a film making process documentary. The Five Obstruction shows five creative recreations of the film the Perfect Human. In the film, Lars von Trier challenges his idol Jørgen Leth to remake his 1967 film The Perfect Human 5 times, each time with a new obstruction to force Leth to rethink the story and characters of the original film.

I am inspired by the film. Even with the same them, if we represent it in different ways, the feeling and result can be totally different. It’s a big challenging for Jørgen Leth to tell the story in different angles, and sometimes we have to think out of the box. Actually the remaking process is really similar to the SCAMPER process we talked last week. Nothing is absolutely original or new, in the process, we combine and transfer different elements, and we create new art. Just like the 4th version of The Five Obstruction, which using the cartoon drawing techneque to show the story. It combined the film and drawing, then transform the film into a really different cartoon story telling style. That’s remind me another film called Loving Vincent, the film is also made of thousands of Vincent style paintings, and it shows Vincent’s life in really impressed way. I love these film’s content, and also love their presentation style.


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