My Game: Robot Ambiel

This week I was focusing on finishing my creative project’s midtern project, compared with the proposal I did last week, I changed some elements.  The background of the story is still the same,  and I got the inspiration of movie WALL-E. The story happens in 2805, Earth is abandoned and covered in garbage, its population having been evacuated 700 years earlier. Humans only have left behind WALL-E robot, a trash compactor robot, to clean up the earth. I really love the robot WALL-E in the movie, and this film also makes me think about the environmental problems on the earth. I would like to create a game related to the robot.

In my game I create 2 subjects, one is the robot, Ambiel, and the other one is the garbage.

Robot Ambiel: I created the robot Ambiel based on last week’s sketch. Instead of using arrow keys to control the robot, which I proposed last week, I change to set the robot as the mouse we use, and it can provide a more flexible movement user experience for players. Each garbage matches with different scores. When the robot collides the garbage, players will get the matched score.


Different Garbage: This garbage bounced back and forth on the screen. Different type of garbage related to different scores and different moving frequencies by identifying their different rotate speed and moving speed. The apple matched with 1 score, the can be matched with 2 scores, and the battery matched with 3 scores. The higher score means more rapid speed.

apple                  can               battery

Challenges: It took me a lot of time to figure out the score collections because of some technical problems. For example, when I put the IsCollide statement in each function garbage, it doesn’t work. Or it always shows can’t identify some object. However, I got it finally 🙂

Other Problems to Consider: There are still some problems about score calculating because like some classmates said, when the player just put the mouse everywhere and don’t move it, garbages can hit the robot automatically, and the score will increase automatically as well.  Some people even find it’s much harder just to avoid the garbage. This makes me think other game rules I may use in the future, such as maybe putting some people to drop litter or maybe just let the robot avoid the trash. That’s the next step I want to explore is to make the game more interesting. Another thing is I wanted to create an ending for the game, maybe run out of time or another interesting element that may finish the game.


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