Project One-Giacometti-Visualize the Invisible


10 min Presentation


Alberto Giacometti’s remarkable career traces the shifting enthusiasms of European art before and after the Second World War. As a Surrealist in the 1930s, he devised innovative sculptural forms. And as an Existentialist after the war, he led the way in creating a style that summed up the philosophy’s interests in perception, alienation and anxiety. Although his output extends into painting and drawing, the Swiss-born and Paris-based artist is most famous for his sculpture. And he is perhaps best remembered for his figurative work, which helped make the motif of the suffering human figure a popular symbol of post-war trauma.

1.Life experience and the relationship with his artworks.

  • Introduce his life experience, and brief introduction of time period of his career: before and after WWII. Combine:Cultures:  Cubism, Egyptian culture and African culture.
  • — before WWII: surrealism. influenced by Brancuin (1922 ~)
  • –describe his life experience, experience in studio, his artworks, and surrealism。(Spoon Woman
  • how he got influenced by Egyptian culture and African culture (1936 ~ 1940)
  • Egyptian Culture (Woman on the Weel
  • —human head period
  • — after WWII: the loneliness of his work, how he put his view of world into his artworks
  • — 1949 married Annette, who became very important model in his later life(Heads)

2.Spatial Art –  Distance and Perspective

  • Think about the relationships between people and people by using the space.
  • -Consideration of spatial design in his sculpture and drawing pieces.
  • -Distance also represent the loneliness.
  • The nature of the sculpturing is the feeling of  interspace.
  • He think the importance of interspace. –Example Ex. Chase Manhattan Plaza, New York
  • Telling the story of how did he care about the spatial design and the spatial relationship between sculpture pieces.
  • -作品与观众的距离,影响观众怎么理解这个作品。他的作品很瘦,即使离的很近,都会觉得是一个影子。Distance also represent the loneliness. He was playing around the distance and perspectival in his artworks, making these pieces so charming.
  • It may bring you different feelings when you appreciate them in different angels or different distances. Ex. foot
  • -Giacometti use the space to create environments and meanings for these art works
  • In “City Square” (1948), the figures are overwhelmed by a large base, perhaps signalling man’s trifling place in the world. Photo: Val Castronovo
  • – the dynamic figure in the drawing

3.Form and Inner Soul

  • Sculpture and Drawing
  • -the technique used for sculpting
  • -color -material & texture:Brozon, Parget
  • Smooth to Rough
  • -working process, focus-eyes (link)
  • Why important to focus on eyes? Influence of  Egyption art.
  • Research Human Representation: Emotion
  • Human representation, sketch, Ingres (Mannerism), Uncanny Valley, V.S Ramachandran
  • Egyption ART–human body
  • Soul-what does he want to present? –Lonely– Walking Man, Women on the Wheels
  • Copy Egyption art, combine: combine what? 对真实灵魂的的追求,egyption art 是一个载体,去表现他的灵:纯粹生命的表达 。 transfer to 什么? Transfer 成为自己的风格。
  • -Painting: same thing, talk book Giacometti Portrait–Painting -James Lord. Painting is a process to show himself, show his soul.
  • 自己的想法:无论做什么都是自我表达的不同形式。例子:。。。。



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