It already been over half of the semester, when I look back, I have to exclaim how time flies. I agree with Lauren, “Any action without reflection is meaningless”, and I believe the reflection is a critical part in the creative thinking process as well.

Documenting and Inspirations:

I checked back my website to review each discovery log and notes and found that these posts just document my thinking process, about what my life looks like? What I saw every day? And Where’s my inspiration came from? When I keep documenting and I found it’s a good way to develop a habit to document logically and creatively when I push my self to discover something new or think something deeper. Gradually, I become more cautiously and curiously.

At the beginning of the semester, I went to the exhibition of Giacometti in Guggenheim Museum with Qi, we actually went to other exhibitions as well, but the most impressed exhibition is that one, which becomes to the research aim for our midterm. The creative thinking process actually happens every day and every moment, and each excited fragmentary experience pieces build our creative result. Exploration and Discovery is the start point in the creative process.


During the class, we actually get in touch with a lot of methods that can be really useful in our design and thinking process. The article Steal Like an Artist, help me to understand the relationship between creation and reference like the article said: “a new idea is a mashup or remix of one or more previous ideas”. It sometimes doesn’t matter we take something from others, but it does matter that we inject something new or change something in the previous work, which transformed other one’s work.

The SCAMPER Creative thinking Technique is really useful in helping re-create an idea. I used this technique in a lot of creative thinking process. I always keep in mind to substitute, adapt and combine something in the design process. Previously, I thought the creative design is just based on inspiration, but now I got the methodology of it.

Research Ability and Communication:

I improved my research ability in the last semester, because I start to raise more related problems, and in order to find out the solution or the reasons happened behind I have to dig deeper. Communication plays the important role in creative process, I just feel each time when I talked with Professor or classmates, I got a more clear direction or more creative ideas. Sharing part is interesting because during that time I learned a lot from other students and saw their thinking process.

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