11 Game Innovation- TumbleSeed

This week I explored some interesting game design and trying to get some innovation from these designs. Actually, there are a lot of interesting new games on the market these years. TumbleSeed is an indie action video game, created by developer Benedict Fritz and designer Greg Wohlwend, which released in 2017.

In the game, the player needs to balance a rolling seed on an ascending, horizontally slanted vine past procedurally generated obstacles to reach the top of a mountain.

The game is actually based on the mechanical arcade game Ice Cold Beer and built partially through the Cards Against Humanity game incubation program. That reminds me of a principle in the creative thinking process – Everything is remixed. Fritz get the inspiration of the old game Ice Cold Beer, and he keeps on developing the original game and prototype a new game based on the basic mechanical principle in the original game.

Fritz and his partner work together on the project by adding enemies, an in-game world, and procedurally generated levels. Their prototypes included dungeon crawl and open world, action-adventure genre explorations. They spent two years in designing the game, and finally overcome a lot of failures to get the success.

Many critics and players appreciated the haptic sense of the rolling seed from the Nintendo Switch’s sensitive HD Rumble in the game. A lot of reviewers noted TumbleSeed‘s intense and sometimes uneven difficulty, which the developers hoped to address in a post-release update. They credited this stigma and a tepid critical reception for the game’s slow sales but were proud of their work.

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