Written Response to “Ira Glass on Storytelling 3 & 4

In 3 & 4 videos Glass mainly talked about the expectation, working process and work result in the design process. He mentioned that there sometimes will be a big difference between the high expectation the designer set at the beginning and the work he or she is currently producing. The important thing to keep in mind is not being afraid to spend time on the process, and not being afraid of failure. Glass talked about that many people give up their idea during the process of failure when they cannot produce the work because they think these works do not match their expectation. However, if designers can keep on practicing and put their passion in the creative thinking process, they can get a really good result.

I agree with Glass. As a designer, it always happens in my creative process.  When I start a project, I will do a lot of researches and saw a lot of cool works done by other designers. However, in the process, because of different reasons, such as lacking some type of technology skills, I cannot get my high expectations. At that time, I feel really frustrating. Sometimes when I overcome this sense of loss, and keep on trying and researching, I can get a good outcome, maybe still not matches the high expectation set at the beginning, but can satisfy me.

Glass also mentioned about the critical role of interaction in a successful design or creative process. I went to a lot of interactive design exhibition, and I found all of them were interesting because I can have a feeling of getting in touch with the artwork. It is really important to build up a connection between the audience and the artwork.

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