Producing Test

World Rule:

In 2038, people will live in a future network  called “Soar”. Soar Company mainly produce a social media tool Helmet, which can help customers to see and feel both virtual world and reality. In this world, almost everyone use soar to connect with each other and use soar to do some documentation in daily life, such as taking photo, video, texting, gaming, sharing and so on. Everybody ware Soar everyday and wander through the semi virtual semi real world. In some particular place, you have to show your reality identity to keep the safety.


  1. Infrared sensor helps to get the person selected in your world system
  2. Delete somebody that you do not want to add in your view
  3. Block somebody in your world system
  4. Get noticed when you are blocked when you contacted to that person
  5. Pretending any virtual character Roles
  6. Take the photo, take the video,phone call, text, social sharing
  7. Set the view angle and view distance
  8. Talk to the system
  9. Read the gesture


1. How brain connect with these sensory

-Olfaction -Visual Sense – Auditory Sense -Speak Sense

2. How to block somebody on the screen and phone

Input and Output showed in the 3D prototype:

The flow chat of Soar’s operating principle

1. Input: Infrared sensor information;   Output: delete it

2. Input : your voice;   Output: talked back

3. Input: the view;   Output: make the view distance or closer


  • Camera
  • Speaker
  • Screen
  • Headphone
  • Infrared sensor

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