Pre Thesis- Week 1

Step 1 and Step 2: Card Sorting


This Week I explored different topics that I am interested in, including Education, Consumption Model, Living Space, Interactive Space, Architecture, Social Media, Delivery, Art, and So on.

Step 3: 5 Topics and More Questions

1. Consumption

How to combine the online consumption model and the traditional retail model?

– What is the history of humans consumption?

– How people change their shopping methods in recent years?

– What is the benefit of online shopping, and what are its drawbacks?

– How to improving a better consumption environment for customers in the future?

-What is the most fast-growing online industry?

2. Medical Treatment

How does the development of advanced science and technology affect modern medical treatment?

-How does the development of medical equipment in recent years?

-What can help the disabled get reborn?

-What are the categories of new medical ideas?

-What are the ways to train doctors and nurses now?

-How to promote the treatment of psychological diseases?

3. Microsoft Hololens

What is the great point of Microsoft Hololens, and how does it changes people’s life?

– What is the core concept, Structure and Composition of  Microsoft Hololens?

– Who is the user base of Microsoft Hololens?

– What benefit it can bring for people by using it?

-Compared with other similar products, what are the advantages of Microsoft Hololens?

-If all of people in the world wear the Microsoft Hololens, What will the world be like? Is there any drawbacks of it?

4. Interactive Space

How to create a better interactive space for promoting social communication?

– Archeology of social communication?

– What are the important points to affect a better face to face social connection?

– What is a successful interactive space in people’s eyes?

– How to eliminate social barriers of people with social phobia by properly designing space?

-How to reorganize information through interactive space?

5. Art and Performance

In the future, how will art emerge and influence human beings?

-How do some new museums display works of art?

-What categories of art have changed dramatically because of the new media in the last decade?

-When new media art is combined with traditional art, what is the audience’s reaction?

-What new forces have the new media brought to the performance?

-Through what kind of way can bring a closer relationship of the audience and the artwork, and help the audience to understand the art better?

Step 4 &5: Key Words and Initial Research Investigation

1. Consumption

Online shopping/retail model/ new shopping model/ fashion/ fast-growing online industry

2. Medical Treatment

Disability/ Medical training/ new medical equipment/ psychological diseases

3. Microsoft Hololens

Microsoft Hololens/Modeling/ Structure and Composition/advantages/ user experiences

4. Interactive Space

information/space/ Interaction/ social barriers/successful interactive space/social communication/public space;sequence=2

5. Art and Performance

Art Museum/ new forces/categories of art/new media/ Combination



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