Pre-Thesis Week 3

Step 1. Come up with an Area and Topic

  1. Area: Performance  –  Topic: How to use performance to express storyline in a new way?
  2. Area: Dreams  –  Topic: What do people actually know about their dreams and how do thy link dreams to the real life?
  3. Area: Communication  –  Topic: How to breakthrough the barrier of limitation of languages to express and exchange ideas in order to improve social communication?

A. Brainstorm

WechatIMG1B. Freewrite



C. Mind map


Step 2. Use each of the three Methods below to ask questions

A. Brainstorming


B. Question – Response – Question


C. Wheel and Spoke


Step 3. Come up with a list of questions

  • Factual (who, what where, how, when)

– What’s the purpose to express the dream and create a dream world and dream communication?

– What makes people get interested in understanding their dream experience?

– What element may affect human’s dream experience?

– What’s the core part for a successful immersive performance experience?

– Who you want to communicate with?

  • Technical (how)

– How can people organise the dream fragments and express the dream experience?

-How do dream experience, real life memory, and psychology influence with each other?

– How to realise the communication in other one’s dream world or our won dream world?

-How technology or media can help to create the the dream world and express the dream experience?

  • Conceptual/Theoretical (What if? How might we? Is this feasible? More abstract ideas)

– What if everyone create a virtual dream world, and others can come into their dream and leave messages?

– What if the dream can be controlled?

-What if the dream world become another space or society you gonna live when you are sleeping?

Step 4. Find an accountability partner in pre-thesis

Qiushi Lin


Step 5: Visual Representation of your Area or Topic


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